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For ITX lovers who want a "No RGB" RAM set

Accessories include 5 pieces of metal parts, necessary screws, 4 pieces of 1MM heat dissipation paste, 4 pieces of 0.5mm heat dissipation paste

One product contains two memory vests

We started trying to use the AliExpress platform to provide a cheaper but slower shipping method.

Aliexpress store address : ( )


AliExpress has a great advantage in postage for parcels less than 1KG, so it is more suitable for purchasing accessories. For the chassis itself, because the package weight exceeds 4kg, there is no advantage in postage and transportation time.

Welcome V3 ( Gen 4) FMMJ 

The changes in this version are relatively large

1:Compatible with DDR4/DDR5

2:  Simplify the processing technology, cancel the laser process, and reduce unnecessary packaging, thereby reducing the price, We managed to keep the price within $30

3:Adjust the fixing method of the upper cover, now the distance between the two memories can be adjusted freely

4:Reduced height for better heatsink compatibility( 45mm), Reduce the width of both ends at the same time

5:The top FMMJ LOGO is processed by CNC instead of laser


Warning: Some purchasers have reported that customs duties were charged. Depending on your country's import regulations, you may have to pay customs duties or a similar import tax. If you have special requirements to declare, please let us know in your order.

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