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XTIA Camouflage textured carbon fiber mouse pad

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If you purchase this product with a case, we do not require you to pay additional shipping charges. However, we will not provide separate packaging for it(In order to compress the volume), but will package it together with your chassis product

What is camouflage pattern CarbonFiber:

The camouflage pattern of the camouflage carbon fiber board comes from the uneven weaving technology of carbon cloth. The same layer of carbon cloth uses different weaving methods to form different refraction/reflection of light, resulting in changes in light and shade. This change in light and dark makes up the camouflage texture. 

Why use carbonfiber:

1: Compared with cloth, it has higher smoothness, water resistance and dirt resistance. Compared with photovoltaic glass, it has better controllability, has certain damping and provides good stopping properties.

2: Compared with metal surfaces and glass surfaces, the touch of carbon fiber is closer to wood or plastic, and it will not feel frozen in winter.

3:     The 2.5mm thick carbon fiber plate can provide unexpected strength. The high-temperature hot pressing process also brings quite good flatness. The carbon fiber material will only break and not yield, which means that it can always provide you with a stable and reliable good plane

About Size 

The actual size is 220mm *320mm, and the thickness is 2.5mm, which is not too big, but it is definitely enough. The size of the table is not so demanding. It can be placed horizontally or vertically

About craftsmanship

Made of carbon fiber hot-pressed large plate, CNC cut and chamfered. So in theory, the texture distribution of each mouse pad is different.

After processing, a double-sided matte anti-fingerprint coating is applied.

Because the inside and outside are laminated with the same camouflage carbon cloth, both front and back sides can be used. So We don’t need to pre-attach the anti-slip mat to cover. 6 pieces of customized 3M adhesive triangle anti-slip stickers are provided. If you use it on a table mat like us, there is no need to attach anti-slip stickers. If you use it directly on the desktop, you can attach anti-slip stickers by yourself.