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Flex 1U PSU series For XPROTO-Mini / Xslim

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All Flex 1u PSU sold by XTIA including  silicon covered customized cable for Xproto-mini( Black) and Xslim 


Be aware FSP FX500G only has 1*8PIN GPU power supply cable. 

7660B /Jizhimao 700W have 2* 8PIn GPU power supply cable 

 Caution: The modular jack of the 1U power supply is different from the conventional power supply, and it may be inserted wrongly. Before use, please read the manual carefully to ensure the correct position of the module cable (especially FX500G)


Because of the particularity of international orders, after-sales is usually very difficult to deal with. We provide 3 months warranty service

Please note that especially for FX500G, please insert the module cable at the power supply end strictly according to the instructions, there is no fool-proof design, and wrong insertion will cause potential hardware damage



Difference between 7660B (600W) 


7660B is the top-level FLEX 1U server power supply produced by ENHANCE, which provides a 600W platinum conversion rate that is not false.

XTIA retrofits this server power supply to make it fully modular (this modification technology is already very mature and completed by a professional third-party company)



Warning: Some purchasers have reported that customs duties were charged. Depending on your country's import regulations, you may have to pay customs duties or a similar import tax. If you have special requirements to declare, please let us know in your order.

About Shipping, Cancel the order and return policy (June 2022 update) please check the link below