The tutorial and Q&A of  XPROTO-ATX V2

The tutorial and Q&A of XPROTO-ATX V2

Because XPROTO-V2 has adjusted a lot of details compared to the existing installation video tutorial

We have created a new supplemental video, please visit the link below to view it


Listed below are the differences between XPROTO-ATX and the installation video



1:Pcie Riser Cable Bracket Fixed Mode Adjustment   PCIE线固定系统调整

(The height of the graphics card is lowered and moved outward to strengthen the strength of the screw hole)

Adjusted mounting nodes can secure more graphics card sizes more firmly

The B2 copper pillar is canceled, and all the copper pillars on the chassis are B1





In the image above, the graphics card fixing part is installed inside the case. In some special cases, you may need to install the extension cable holder on the outside of the chassis ,  Or  install the graphics card IO baffle side on the lower part of the chassis baffle like the image below




2:HDD fixation system adjustment  硬盘固定系统调整

     Now you don't need to remove the motherboard to fix the 3.5HDD bracket  (Refer to the installation form of the 2.5-inch hard disk bracket in the video)

     3.5 hard drive bracket can install 2.5 inch hard drive at the same time

     You can also fix two 2.5-inch hard drives  in the middle frame

     现在您无需拆卸主板即可固定 3.5HDD 支架(参考视频中2.5英寸硬盘支架的安装形式)








3:The side water-cooling bracket can be installed non-centered to avoid collision with the graphics card    侧面水冷支架可以非居中安装,避免与显卡碰撞







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Q:  Would a tower cpu cooler be possible to use?        

A:  Yes 

Q: Does the xproto-atx come with one or two brackets for radiators?

A:  Xproto-ATX comes with 2 brackets , side one and back one