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XTIA Xproto case

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€103,95 EUR
PCI-E Riser
AIO Bracket

Xproto standard version all sold out . 

Due to factory capacity issues. We may not restock Xproto for the time being 




Warning: The PCIe riser cable is Gen3 (PCIe 3.0). If you are using a Navi or Ampere GPU along with a B550/X570/Z490/Z590 motherboard, please set your PCIe slot setting from Gen4 (PCIe 4.0) to Gen3 in the BIOS. If you do not change the setting, there is a high risk that you will have video output issues. There’s no need to be concerned about being limited to Gen3, as testing has shown that even with an RTX 3080, there is less than a 5% performance loss downgrading from a Gen4 to Gen3 connection.

Please read ALL the information below before you buy!  

AIO mounting: You can add an AIO module (or two) and a custom set of cables (for both versions of the Xproto; you can order a set for your power supply on this website) to cart and checkout the items together. One case can be attached with up to two AIO brackets without paying any extra postage for the brackets. If there are more than 2 AIO brackets in your order, please note that you will have to pay extra shipping costs (~$5USD for each additional AIO bracket).
The AIO bracket is compatible with both the Xproto and Xproto-L.

GPU compatibility: Due to the shape of the case, the GPU has special length constraints. There is only 315mm of clearance where the graphics card’s backplate/PCB is located. There is 330mm of GPU clearance at the tip of the third slot (60mm away from the GPU backplate position), but towards the central spine of the case, the number of clearance decreases.  The shroud of the graphics card can extend past the 315mm mark. A GPU that is 330mm long will fit as long as the PCB of the card is 315mm or shorter. There are no height or width limitations BUT there are only two PCI slots for GPU mounting.


Warning: 3-slot(mounting) GPUs are not supported. If you would like to use a triple-slot GPU, such as the 3090 FE, consider the Xproto-L instead.

For many RTX 30XX (Ampere) graphics cards, the shroud ends where the PCB ends. This means the GPU needs to be less than 315mm long. Previous generations of GPUs had heatsink and shroud assemblies that extend past the PCB, meaning longer cards could fit. As a rule of thumb, don’t use a GPU longer than 315mm unless you are absolutely sure it is installable. Attached below are a compatibility chart and a diagram.