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XTIA IV (Infinite Valley) RGB module V2 in stock

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€27,95 EUR
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€27,95 EUR

Xproto-ATX/Mini /Xslim can't use it 

Work with Xproto/ Xproto-N/Xproto-L, 

V2 version:

We have optimized part of the circuit design to make the IV kit more stable


How to control:

5V RGB, Full CNC machined, RGB controlled by the  motherboard

Why this module is expensive: 

In addition to being a decorative part, the IV kit is a structural part(Replacing the 3 spacer columns in the original structure).   The whole body is fully CNC machined ( 6061 AL)

The design team assembles each IV kit

 Modules that will conflict with the IV module: headset hanger (IV module side), handle, side USB panel (IV module side), All size aio bracket (side IV module side)

Work with Xproto/ Xproto-N/Xproto-L ,.For RGB Lover